Closing arguments take place in Trane Trial; jury dismissed to start deliberations

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Ben Trane, former director of Midwest Academy, testified in court Thursday for the eighth day of the trial.

Trane has pleaded not guilty to sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and child endangerment charges.

KHQA's Lynsey Whitaker has been in the courtroom the last two days. (Read her live tweets in the feed at the bottom of this story).

Cross examinations took place Thursday which included questions to Trane regarding Victoria Secret trips to the mall and OSS rooms.

Trane was questioned by his attorney, Lisa Schaefer, for approximately three hours.

Trane faces a sentence of 17 years if convicted of all charges.

Midwest Academy was closed in the beginning of 2016 after federal, state and local officials raided the facility.

Closing arguments took place in the afternoon.

Schaefer says, "too many doubts find (the) defendant not guilty on all charges".

Assistant Iowa Attorney General Denise Timmons says the, "defendant has everything to lose".

Whitaker says some members of the jury appeared emotional by showing tears during the prosecutor's final presentation.

At 3:45 p.m., the Judge was giving final instructions to the jury before deliberations.

Lynsey Whitaker will have the latest details tonight on KHQA News.

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