Quincy school board eyes new land for new elementary school

The Quincy Public School District considers a new property to build a new elementary school, Wednesday night at the district’s board meeting. (Photo Courtesy: KHQA)

The Quincy Public School Board met Wednesday night to consider a new property to build a new elementary school on the city's northeast side.

Clinard Properties, Inc. owns the piece of land located on the southeast corner of 48th and Columbus Road.

About 17 of the 35 undeveloped acres would be used for the construction.

"Some of the positives are it's zoned correctly,” Board Member Richard McNay explained. “We do not have to go before the city or county. It has all the utilities we need. Another positive is it’s in a neighborhood. Another positive is it has sidewalks leading to it. Another is we will have an entrance and exit off Columbus and 48th Streets."

McNay told KHQA the board was notified of a new offer last Thursday.

He said engineers have already begun cost studies and comparisons.

School officials tell KHQA a final decision should be known Monday.

"As board members of due diligence, there is another site available. We need to take a look at that site before we spend $16 million," McNay told KHQA Wednesday night.

This month’s board meeting was held in the Quincy Senior High cafeteria because of the anticipated high attendance. The board’s hunch was correct with a crowd of more than 100 present.

McNay said when ADM gave the Quincy Pubic Schools the land on Locust, the district negotiated for an option to sell the land if a better opportunity was found.

"On Monday we went out to ADM and let them know we were looking,” NcNay revealed. “[We said] there is another site available, and we have a responsibility to look at that site. They understand that. They say they support us."

If the ADM site is sold, that profit will be used to purchase the new Clinard property.

This would result in a financial loss on the ADM site since road reconstruction has started.

The contract for construction to begin on the ADM site was supposed to be awarded to Maas construction Wednesday. That will now be put on hold until next week.

McNay tells KHQA if the site change happens, it will not impact redistricting or put the project behind schedule.

If a final decision is made next Monday, a special meeting will be called to order by the end of the week.

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