Clemens Field: Moving forward with plans for the future

While legal matters continue with the Hannibal Cavemen, new ownership moves forward with plans for the future.

This new scoreboard and message center will welcome fans next season.

Other new amenities include a new press box and music center, fans in the grandstand, and a pitch speed board.

The new electronic scoreboard will provide easier to follow information.

The cost of the renovations isn't finalized, but owners say corporate sponsors will help with funds.

Hannibal Cavemen co-owner Rick DeStefano says, "It's about doing some things for the community. The message is that we're here to stay. And we're going to have baseball, and we want to have the best place to play baseball. Frankly, I want the best team to play baseball. I want to be number one."

The old parking lot adjacent to Clemens field is still in the middle of a legal dispute.

It will be used to help pay off prior debts.

DeStefano says, "The impact that it has on us is absolutely irrelevant and zero. No different than the land in China. Once that property is foreclosed, if it will go to foreclosure, that is the plan, it takes a long time for that to happen. I plan on buying it."

The renovations will not increase ticket prices for next year's season.

All of the new areas are also available for sponsorship.

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