Clear your old electronic clutter by recycling for free


Electronics were a hot gift item this holiday season.

Which means you may be replacing some old gear, but what do you do with the old stuff?

There’s a free way to recycle those old electronics that might be sitting around your home causing clutter.

Goodwill in Quincy has a partnership with Dell. That allows them to take most of the electronics you no longer have a use for.

Whether it's a working or non-working printer, computer or even a flat screen TV, Goodwill will take it.

General Manager Tosha Taylor says, if you’re worried about your information being taken from your old electronics, Dell will wipe the drive out so the info is made available to others.

She says they do see an increase in electronic drop offs around the holidays.

"We bring it through the warehouse, where they pack it up and sort through it and they send it through Dell and they most likely it helps us recycle bringing less dumping into the environment," says Taylor.

Currently, Goodwill doesn't accept CRT's (or tube tv's) and large items such as stoves and refrigerators.

Assistant Manager Betty Stone says recycling your electronics is painless.

“We have a drive-up window here that they can come to. Somebody will come out and help you bring in the donations,” says Stone.

She says after the donations are brought in, they are then tested.

Stone also says, it does not have to be a Dell product to be recycled, any brand is accepted.

She says their goal is to help clean up the community and keep it clean and fresh.

Store Manager Tosha Taylor says if your questions whether it’s an electronic or not, it’s practically anything with an electric cord.

If you have questions about what electronic you are wanting to recycle, contact your local Goodwill store.

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