Clean your carpets, not your wallet

Either on TV, online or on the radio, itâ??s hard to miss those deals for low, low prices on carpet cleaning. But how many of them are too low to be true? In this morningâ??s

Angieâ??s List report,

weâ??ve got the dirt on how to get your carpets professionally cleaned without putting a huge stain on your budget.

Thereâ??s no doubt Wendie Zeller loves her dog. What she doesnâ??t love are the tracks Joe leaves behind. So when she saw an online professional carpet cleaning deal she didnâ??t think twice about buying it.

Homeowner Wendie Zeller said, "Good price, I needed the bedrooms done, and for four rooms, so I just bought it.â??

It was exactly the deal Wendie needed. That is until the cleaner showed up at her door.

Angie's List

owner Angie Hicks said, â??One common complaint weâ??ve heard over the years when it comes to carpet cleaning companies is suggesting a price that just seems too low to be true. What happens is they get there and the consumer ends up paying more than they expected.â??

â??It was awful. You know, he had told me that because my carpets were so dirty that they would need to do a deep cleaning, and that would be extra,â?? Zeller said.

To avoid those added extras, consumer experts recommend homeowners insist on a written, detailed estimate on what the company will do for the advertised price. And never be shy about sharing your own familyâ??s details.

â??Do you have pets, do you have kids, do you have special areas that need treatments because youâ??ve had spills? The more information you give them, the more prepared they can come to do the actual project in case you need special cleaners for some difficult spots," Hicks said.

Chris Stone has been

cleaning carpets

professionally for over seven years. He suggests homeowners do a little work to save a little dough.

Carpet Cleaner Chris Stone said, â??You want to try to move as much as possible in the areas that you want clean; if there are any couches or sofas or magazines. Everything you can do to help it move faster when they come to clean your carpets. The time that we save from you moving those things, we actually pass those savings on to you.â??

Itâ??s a lesson Zeller learned the dirty way.

As always, itâ??s important to do your homework on the company youâ??re thinking about hiring. Check out online review sites to see what others have to say about their experience and make sure the company has a guarantee. A good company will return to clean spots that reappear within a short period of time.

Story from: Angie's List

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