Clark County R-1 Indian Pride Learning Center ahead of schedule

    New Indian Pride Learning Center

    The Clark County R-1 School District is making big changes with taxpayer money.

    Voters passed an $8 million bond issue 16 months ago.

    The school district ended up using $3.7 million of that money to build a new learning center.

    Crews spent five months building a 22,000 square foot learning center in a muddy field between the Clark County Middle and Black Hawk Elementary Schools.

    "In the last three or four years, our population in preschool has really exploded,” Superintendent Ritchie Kracht said.

    The Indian Pride Learning Center will open next year for Clark County preschoolers and special need students.

    "We have had a lot more students in ages three through four in our program and the current building we are in we have just out grown,” Kracht said. “There is not space there. There is a lot of safety issues there. We don't have the security that we would like to have."

    "When making the projection for the new building,” Preschool Principal & Special Services Administrator Susan Rossmiller explained, “we wanted to make sure we didn't build a building without room to grow."

    The new learning center features a tornado-safe shelter.

    It will serve as a safe spot during severe weather.

    "We have specialized classrooms," Rossmiller said. "You know, we have a kitchen that can be shared by both of our life skills classrooms. I have specialized therapy rooms that our physical therapist and our occupational therapist can use, that are retro fitted for swings and sensory items."

    Due to favorable weather and a lack of rainfall this summer, construction is ahead of schedule.

    "If they get done sometime this winter,” Kracht said. “Our goal is to move in late winter, early spring and we want to get the kids here as soon as possible."

    "I am very anxiously awaiting the opening of this building,” Rossmiller said.

    Crews will start placing windows and dry wall in the new learning center next week.

    You may notice a difference in parking at the middle school, football field and Running Fox Elementary School. Crews are in the process of pouring new cement parking lots.

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