Clark County officials take action on Missouri residents with Iowa addresses

MGN Online

Some Northeast Missouri residents have been allowed to have a Missouri license although they reside at an Iowa address.

That all changed starting Tuesday.

It's a change Clark County city officials, residents, and businesses worked on for years and now is in effect.

Clark County Presiding Commissioner Buddy Kattleman says the border war dates back to the 1800's.

He says as the river changed, Iowa and Missouri went back and forth claiming portions of the border each time. He says this is now causing a hassle for residents.

“If you did any kind of trucking or got stopped by patrol, anything mail, just several things, death certificates, they all became problems,” says Kattlemann.

Kattlemann says confusion exists in other places. If an ambulance was in Missouri and the patient had an Iowa address technically they had to be taken to an Iowa hospital.

A petition was launched over the summer for the address change movement.

Kattleman says Scotland County is also working on the same procedure.

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