City council rejects proposed tax levy increase

Quincy City Council rejects proposed tax levy increase.

Some heated moments at tonight's Quincy City Council meeting.

The council rejects a proposed tax levy that was 7 percent higher than last year in a 9 to 4 vote.

The 7-percent increase would have created more funds to pay police and firefighter pensions and the Quincy Public Library.

The council instead voted 8 to 5 to keep the tax levy at the same level as last year—along with using $651,000 in reserves to pay for pension demands.

Mayor Kyle Moore did not agree with the council's vote.

He says not approving the tax levy with a 7-percent increase will lead to higher hikes in the future.

Fourth ward alderman Mike Farha had a passionate response.

“All the taxpayers share in this responsibility. We have to come to a resolution on what level of police and fire we can support and we can't just always say well we just want more but we don't know how we're going to pay for it," said Farha.

The Quincy City Council also approved an ordinance that officially continues the Historic Quincy Business District for the next 10 years.

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