Chiropractor Leslie Trimble: Serving Tri-State pets for 7 years

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"She went out to potty and couldn't get back in...."

One day Canton resident Diana Neff was taking her dog Zoe outside.

"She just all of a sudden couldn't use her back legs. We really don't know exactly what happened," explains Neff.

Diana and Zoe made the trip to Quincy to see Leslie Trimble, the only animal chiropractor within miles.

Three years later, Zoe is showing tremendous results...she's walking.

" she's up and trying to do it again so she's doing great," adds Neff.

Now Diana brings all four of her dogs to Leslie to help with their small joints.

But dogs aren't the only animals Leslie works on.

"I do humans and I do animals. I do mostly small animals. I work on dogs, cats, I've done a ferret, I've done a large lizard, and I just worked on a chicken last night so that was kind of fun," says Leslie Trimble.

Her passion to be an animal chiropractor happened when another chiropractor saved her dog's life with a simple neck adjustment.

That incident pushed Leslie to go back to school at age 45 to get her doctorate.

Now she is able to give backs.

"Adjusting the animals just brings so much joy to my heart. I just love giving back to the animals and it just brings a lot of peace and contentment and joy to me to work on them," explains Trimble.

If you want to take your animal to Leslie, you need to get a referral from your vet.

You can learn more about Leslie's business on her website, here.

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