Carthage business files for gaming approval

A handful of Illinois cities are looking to approve legalized gambling in their communities.

It's an issue circulating among Quincy City Council members who may look to other cities in their decision process. Earlier this month, the Carthage City Council approved a measure to allow video gaming in bars.

"If we didn't do this, they can go to Burlington, or they can go to Missouri and gamble, and we don't get any income out of it," Mayor James Nightingale said.

The city receives 5 percent of revenue generated from the video machines. That money will be used for capital improvement projects.

"Most of these clubs and bars already had these video pokers in place, licensed by the state but owned by a vendor. And it's supposed to be for amusement only. Well, I know there's cases when that's not always true," Nightingale said.

The Wood Inn on Main Street is the first business to apply for this sort of license. It could take about two months for approval. Nightingale thinks more than just this business will apply for the license.

"I think maybe there will be at least one more, possibly. I'm not sure, we have an Eagles club and a VFW club. They have their machines now for amusement, well, they won't no longer have those," Nightingale said. "We've had some people say we're encouraging more gambling, but I don't really feel that way. I think the same people that were using them before are going to use them now."

The Quincy City Council will vote on a video gaming ordinance at Monday night's city council meeting.

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