Candidate for Iowa House of Representatives stops in Keokuk


Jeff Kurtz is running for the 83rd district seat in Iowa.

He held a meet and greet in Keokuk at the Lost Canvas on Maine Street.

Jeff is a long time resident of the district, and worked for the BNSF Railroad for a number of years.

Kurtz hopes to replace the current representative Jerry Kearns, who will be retiring.

He says he decided to run after people started telling him his ideas were very good and he should run for the seat.

The issue most important to him is economic development, and he says he believes Iowa is transitioning into a new economic era.

I think we're entering a new economic age, we started out with the agricultural age, transitioned into the industrial age, I think we're coming into a renewable, clean energy age," said Kurtz.

Iowa's primary election will take place June 5th, and on the Democrat side he faces off against two other candidates, Michael Hardy and Bob Morawits.

On the Republican side Jeffery Reichman will be his opposition.

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