Bugs and rodents may relocate to your home during harvest

Japanese Beetles

You might see an increase in bugs and rodents getting into your home as we see more fall-like temperatures and dry conditions.

Japanese Beetles and Stink Bugs are not uncommon in the fall.

As fields across the Tri-States are being harvested, bugs and rodents are forced to find new homes.

"They're all getting chased out the fields now because of the farmers cutting down their coverage and that and taking their food sources away and so they are looking for other places to go and live," said Pest Control Tech Andrew Holtschlag.

Holtschlag says, "if you see just one rodent you need to take action."

"If you see one or two then it's naturally a problem because they are going to start getting into things and mice reproduce very rapidly. So you are wanting to get a handle on that very quickly."

Holtschlag says the bugs like to get up under your siding. The most common place to find them is in the southwest side of your home because it's typically the warmest.

He says bugs like warm dry weather.

"It has been really dry so it has been a good year for all insects. The dryer it is, more insects are going to come out," said Holtschlag.
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