Bringing folks together, one Salsa dance at a time


Imagine if the step of a foot and the rhythm of a beat could bring people together.

Peruvian born Julio Barrenzuela says the salsa can bind people of vastly different cultures together.

"When I get through to people, I notice they make it a personal actually becomes them remembering when they were young, dancing with their parents," said Barrenzuela.

Barrenzuela travels the country teaching anyone willing to learn the art of salsa.

"You learn a couple of salsa steps right here in Quincy, you can dance it and you can meet people from Russia, Romania, Rome, Paris and connect with them," said Barrenzuela.

Barrenzuela says he plans on starting a one hundred city tour next year with the premiere taking place right here in Quincy.

He says people not only thank him for teaching them to dance, but for listening to their stories.

"It's random, personal comments that they want to make, I can fell just bottled up inside, that they want to share with someone, but they haven't had an opportunity to have a context involving dance that allows them to have this conversation,"said Barrenzuela.

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