Brian Deters Hits the Campaign Trail

One politician pounded the pavement today, in an old school campaigning tactic.

Brian deters is running for the eighteenth congressional district here in Illinois, and he is trying to hit every corner of the district in his nineteen counties in nineteen days campaign.

Today he was in Quincy, going door to door answering questions and talking policy with residents.

Deters faces some competition in this race, with Darrel Miller and Junius Rodriguez in the democratic primary and Incumbent Darin LaHood and challenger Donald Rients in the Republican primary.

He says his campaign is one of unity, he hopes to close the divide that has seemed to only get wider in recent months.

This campaign is all about being a citizen, being a father, being a teacher, who is concerned with where we are at in our culture and our society, that we are divided, and our message is one that tries to correct that.-Brian Deters

Judy Crocker is a voter in the 18th congressional district, and she says she just want everyone to get along.

I hope we can come together, I hope we can learn to like each other better, listen to each other better, and treat each other better.-Judy Crocker
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