Bob Bangert Park to transition to wetland area


Changes are on the way for Bob Bangert Park in Quincy.

Bob Bangert Park along Quincy's bottom road used to be known for its popularity for youth soccer fields.

But frequent flooding has limited its use.

That's why the Mississippi Valley Hunters and Fishermen Association and Quincy Park District announced a redevelopment plan for that land.

They plan to turn it into a wetland area.

It will serve as a habitat for wildlife as well as a possible teaching tool for local schools.

Glenn Sanders with the MVHFA says it makes perfect sense to turn the property that often floods into a wetland area.

He says the association met with the park district about six months ago.

"We want to create a location here that is just within a couple miles of all the schools and daycares. They don't have to drive 30 miles for a field trip to Siloam Springs State Park. It's a lot simpler for them to put together when they can run down here for morning. And the nature trails we are going to put in are actually going to take them down into the heart of the wetlands,” said Sanders.

The project will cost around $100,000.

Sanders says taxpayer’s money will not be used. He says the groups have received grant money and private monetary donations.

Earthwork will begin this summer.

Sanders expects the project to take about two years.

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