Blessing Health System proposes joint venture, QMG passes

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    Quincy Medical Group says it is moving forward with its plans for a new surgery center after the health provider was approached with a new joint venture regarding the current facility from Blessing Health System.

    You can read Blessing's proposal at the bottom of this article or click here.

    QMG proposed a new $19-million outpatient surgical center back in 2018. The proposal set the medical provider at odds with Blessing Health system.

    The public was allowed to weigh in on the new center during a public hearing held by the Staff of the Illinois Health Facilities and Review Board. You can listen to those comments here.

    Blessing Health System proposal states a new LLC would be formed and Blessing's current surgery center located at QMG's facility would be converted into an ambulatory surgery center or ASC.
    The plan also states that "a physician owner cannot own or manage another ASC within 30 miles of Quincy ASC, and that this covenant not to compete will extend three years after withdrawal or termination from the LLC."

    On Wednesday, Quincy Medical Group Chief Executive Officer Carol Brockmiller released a statement in regards to Blessing's proposal. Read in full at the bottom of this article or click here.

    Brockmiller said, "At this late stage however, we do not plan to withdraw our proposal, as requested by Blessing, for a standalone surgery center or to enter into an agreement not to compete against the hospital. We continue to believe there is a need for additional outpatient surgical facilities in the community, especially as we consider the recruitment of new physicians to the area, the growing trend toward outpatient care, the cost efficiency provided to patients and the aging population of our region. We also believe that our patients and the community deserve access to healthcare in a modern state-of-the-art facility as we have proposed."

    KHQA spoke with Blessing Health System President and CEO Maureen Kahn shortly after receiving this statement from QMG.

    Kahn said, "I think it is still an opportunity for us to continue our dialogue. I would like to understand the "why" and "what" some of the issues are and I don't think this should close off our conversations."

    A statement was later sent out to the media. You can read that below or click here.

    Brockmiller says it's all about healthy competition. "What is clear from these 11th hour overtures is that competition is already at work. We welcome it and ultimately know access and choice is in the best interest of the Quincy community."

    A March 5th vote by The Illinois Health Facilities and Review Board will determine whether or not QMG's proposed surgery center can be built.

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