Blessing Hospital changes leftover food policy

Blessing Hospital changes leftover food policy

A group of nursing students at Blessing Rieman are making a change in hospital policy.

They're taking all the leftover food from the hospital kitchen and donating it to Quanada.

They got the inspiration from Rush Hospital in Chicago, which has a similar program.

Food donations will be year round.

Senior nursing student Blaine Wilson said the project is important because people sometimes forget about Quanada.

"I think it's extremely important because Quanada recently lost some of its funding so getting food there is really important for them," Wilson said. "Also when people think about donating food. People don't think about Quanada and how in need that is, so I think it's really important to help them out."

Volunteers will take over delivering food to Quanada when the nursing students are on break.

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