Blessing Health System Acquires Hannibal Clinic

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Updated Story Dec. 21, 2017 6:00 p.m.

The Tri-States' largest health care system merges forces with the Hannibal Clinic.

The two organizations announced the new partnership at a news conference Wednesday.

Blessing Health System and the Hannibal Clinic announced an affiliation about a year ago.

"This affiliation has been very successful in sharing physician services between Quincy and Hannibal and in joint recruiting health care providers,” says Hannibal Clinic President and CEO Erik Meidl.

And after seeing the benefits they've decided to merge both organizations.

"We felt that we could expand on that initial agreement to do even better in terms of working more seemingly together to help improve the health care that we can provide,” says Meidl.

Blessing Health System President and CEO Maureen Kahn says the community will not see any immediate difference.

"The building is still here, the doctors are still here. They will still be admitted to Hannibal Regional Hospital where they are used to getting their care. But what we hope to do is build the trust and respect amongst the physician community and the lay community,” says Kahn.

Meidl says there are many challenges in health care. That's why Hannibal Clinic took steps to remain strong for the future.

"There is all different kinds of change in insurance and government policies, so this merger I think gives us the resources we need to face those challenges and also to grow,” says Meidl.

The merger puts Hannibal Clinic assets, physicians and staff under the Blessing Health System's corporate structure.

As far as signage and the name, officials told KHQA that it will remain the Hannibal Clinic.

Original Story Dec. 27, 2017 12:45 p.m.

On Wednesday in a joint press conference, Blessing Health System and Hannibal Clinic announced the two will merge the organizations.

All of Hannibal Clinic's physical assets, physicians and staff will be placed under Blessing's corporate structure but will retain the Hannibal Clinic name.

"Blessing Health System and Hannibal Clinic share a common vision for building a resilient and sustainable local healthcare system so that people do not have to leave the area to seek the care they need," said Maureen Kahn, President and CEO of Blessing Health System. "Over the past year, leaders of both organizations determined that merging would allow for better coordination and provide for greater access to capital and other resources to expand services," she said.

Hannibal Clinic providers will continue to see patients at Hannibal Regional Hospital and Hannibal Clinic locations, in addition to becoming member of Blessing Health System.

"As one organization, Hannibal Clinic and Blessing Health System can better coordinate building a vibrant practice of physicians so that patients will have a greater access to advanced, specialty care close to home," said Erik Meidl, MD, internal medicine physician and Hannibal Clinic CEO.

Since first affiliating in February 2017, leaders at the partnership between Blessing Health System and Hannibal Clinic say they have already seen several benefits, including:

  • Adding a dedicated, full-time cardiologist at Hannibal Clinic
  • Expanding breast reconstructive surgery at Blessing Hospital with three Hannibal Clinic general surgeons
  • Development of a bariatric surgery and weight management program
"As the region's leading healthcare provider, it is Blessing Health System's goal to work collaboratively with physicians and other providers in our region who share our commitment to deliver superior outcomes, innovative care and unparalleled experiences," said Kahn. "We are proud to have the physicians and staff of Hannibal Clinic join Blessing Health System.

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