Biker stitches panty quilt

Louis "Shovelhead" Garrett / Danny Henley/Hannibal Courier-Post

He TMs a hard-core biker with a sensitive soft side. Truly, how many Harley owners do you know who stitch quilts on the side? And have you ever met a HOG lover who makes his quilts out of women TMs panties? And let TMs not forget this character has his nickname Shovelhead tattooed just below the bridge of his cap. Yep, right there on his forehead so you won TMt forget his name"as if anyone could forget ol TM Shovelhead.

But back to the panty quilt|

Louis Shovelhead Garrett rents out the basement of his mother TMs house in Louisiana, Mo. That TMs where he crafts his one-of-a-kind quilts. He TMs kind of picky with his panties. He TMll accept silk, acetate, nylon, even rayon. But polyester panties need not apply.

I don TMt want them cheap, dollar store, not-sexy-farm-girl panties. I want classy.

And no granny-panties. Quilting may sound like a grandma kind of hobby, but Shovelhead TMs standards require a more Victoria TMs Secret appeal.

So where do 58 pair of classy panties converted into a quilt come from? Mostly from the women in Shovelhead TMs life. He does landscaping and odd jobs around town, and asks his clients if they TMd like to contribute undergarments to the cause.

Most all of them donated. There was a few of them that raised their eyebrows and said, ~You ain TMt getting TM my panties, TM he laughs.

Shovelhead told me it took a winter of working in his mom TMs basement to create his quilt. He lovingly single-stitched each pair. A lady friend sewed the backing. He says he wouldn TMt part with his quilt. Each pair of panties holds sentimental value for him.

Hannibal-Courier Post reporter Danny Henley found Shovelhead showing off his quilt at a ladies luncheon in Hannibal. You can see some great photos he shot by clicking here . And there TMs a video that TMs totally worth 2 1/2 minutes of your time.

I spent 20 thoroughly enjoyable minutes chatting up Shovelhead. And please know I mean no disrespect by calling my new friend by his nickname. He absolutely refused to allow me to call him Mr. Garrett.

No honey, call me Shovelhead, he told me. Everybody calls me Shovelhead. Even the law calls me Shovelhead.

This of course led to the question of how many run-ins Shovelhead has had with the law. He assured me those wild days are long past, and he TMs been sober and drug-free for 12 years now.

I just love beautiful women. I TMd marry ~em all if I could. Alas, Shovelhead has been to the altar three times, but he TMs single now. In any case, that gives him more time to work on his second panty quilt.

I asked Shovelhead what his mom thinks of him sewing panties in the basement. He chuckled and said, She TMs just like everyone else. She says, ~Thank God there TMs only one Shovelhead. TM

Coming up later in the week: Shovelhead II: The mannequins in the basement. Stay tuned for Shovelhead III: Panty quilt goes viral.

We're talking about this story on our Facebook page. We posted, "Whoa! Local guy made a quilt out of ladys panties! Is this creepy or perfectly acceptable (since the panties were knowingly donated)???"

Here are some of the responses.

Sonya Martin-Mock says, "CREEPY!"

Becky Ann Smith said, "If the ladies knew what he was using them for and they were friends why not. Everyone is different."

We got a laugh out of Sandra Lucas Chapin. She said, "Hahahahaha, I think this was a great story, we all need a chuckle now and then. And this sure made me laugh! ;)"

Elaine Hood Bikers said, "Bikers have always got a bad rap for their appearance, tattoos, hair, and their actions. Most bikers would do anything to help a child, a community, a charity, or fellow biker. To help find a cure or help keep an organization afloat, people look beyond the hard looks of that biker. They have hearts and they are proud of that bike that keeps them free. A panty quilt is unique, as are other peoples collectibles."

I want to hear what you think, so feel free to join the conversation here!

Take care ~Sarah

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