Best way to conquer returns after Christmas

Best way to conquer returns after Christmas

Many Tri-State residents spent the day opening Christmas gifts, but don't feel bad if your gift didn't make the cut....

This year, more than one-third of Americans will return at least one gift they received according to The National Retail Federation.

Quincy USPS Postmaster Bill Reitz says the day after Christmas is always their busiest day for returns.

He shares some tips for the easiest, most stress-free return experience.

"If they want to wait a day or two that's fine too. It might be a little bit less of a line after that. Just make sure that they print out their return label and have their box ready and everything should go fairly smoothly," says Reitz.

You can expect more busy return days in the future.

UPS is predicting almost six-million returned packages the first full week of January.

Over one-million of those falling solely on January 5th, which is National Returns Day.

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