Behind the mailbox

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Amazon Prime and other online ordering websites aren't just about the sender and the receiver.

A so-called "middle man...or woman" help make that new holiday shopping experience possible.

Sue Winking supervises Quincy University's mailroom.

She says incoming packages are at an all-time high because of Amazon Prime and other online ordering websites.

Here's what goes into making that process smooth, fast and efficient.

First, a mail carrier delivers mail and packages to QU's mailroom.

"And then we have a little slip here that we fill out here with their code...the date," explained Winking.

Winking says she and her co-workers fill out a slip and place it on the package or letter. The information on that slip is then copied onto a master list.

"So we can make sure that everything is tracked," Winking said.

You'd think that with over 700 mailboxes, there would be piles of mail everywhere--but that's actually not the case.

Winking says the process is very organized and students usually stay on top of their mail.

"Some people are anxious for their packages and are on it like right away...a lot of them come get it the day that it comes in," Winking said.

Although Winking says the start of the semester is by far the busiest time for the mail room, the holidays come in a close second.

"It does kind of get jammed up in here for a few days until they come get their things," said Winking.

The U.S. Postal Service says there is no longer a "busiest day" for holiday shipping thanks to an increase in early and online shopping.

But the Postal Service predicts the week of Dec. 18th through the 24th to be its busiest week.

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