Bee Keeping Class Held in Quincy Today

The Mississippi Valley Bee Keepers held their first bi-annual beginners bee keeping class of the year todayThe class aimed to teach new bee keepers everything they would need to know to start a hive.
The registration cost for the class was thirty five dollars and included a membership to the association and a book on the class.
Bernie Andrews has been keeping bees since the seventies and says bees provide so much more to us than just honey.
"Bees believe it or not supply one third of our food supply, either directly or indirectly. And the main benefit from the honey bee is the pollination, they do produce honey, but pollination is by far more important. -Bernie Andrew"

If you want to learn more about bee keeping but didn't have the chance to attend today's class, check out the Mississippi Valley Bee Keepers website.

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