BBB Scam Study: Free Trials

    BBB Scam Study: Free Trials

    The Better Business Bureau has come out with a new scam study.

    It found 'free trial' scams to be increasingly popular.

    The scam offers a trial of a cosmetic product and may have a fake celebrity endorsement.

    "You think you're only going to pay a couple of dollars to get the free trial but what you don't know because you don't read the fine print is that we are signing up for monthly recurring charges. Often that free trial that we get, that product is actually a full month supply. But we have 14 days to respond," said Mara Clingingsmith of the Better Business Bureau.

    Clingingsmith says usually that 14-day period starts immediately after purchase.

    If you have been a victim of a free trial scam, the BBB says to contact your credit card company or bank.

    For an inside look of a 'free trial' scam, look at the graph below, or click here.

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