Bargain stores growing in popularity


    In rural America, it can be hard to find a place to get a bargain.

    It's a void that Dollar General had dedicated it's existance to.

    "They focus on small town America. Give people an opportunity to shop locally and to not have to travel to shop," said Roger Deming, store manager at Dollar General.

    In fact, Dollar General rakes in $23.3 billion dollars according to a report by Moody's.

    For those who shop here, The reason is simple.

    "Here you have almost everything, I mean there's a lot to choose from in here. It's like going to a min-Walmart,' said Betty Boss.

    Oh and they have one more thing for those "on the go"

    "I'll tell ya something else for someone my age. They have a bathroom. You go to some of these stores and they don't and you go I'm done," said Boss.

    The value store offers just about every category that a Walmart would offer, minus the giant electronics section.

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