Back-to-school tech & apps for your kid

The GizmoPal 2 smartwatch is a wearable for kids with a dedicated call button. Contacts in the watch can only be set by the parent or guardian (KHQA/Marcus Espinoza).

It's a whole new ballgame for parents and their school children when it comes to the tech they can use in school.

Various apps are available to help with note-taking and learning new skills.

Even flashcards have been modernized as a free app in the iOS App Store.

  • The Quizlet app let's you create your own flashcards and study sets or choose from pre-made templates.

Coding is also a beneficial skill for students to have and you can start learning the basics of coding at an early age.

  • Mimo: Learn to Code app teaches you how to code, build apps, games, websites.

There's also apps that can help you with math such as PCalc Lite. A more advanced smartphone calculator.

When it comes to safety, there's also ways to track your child's movement, and making sure they're staying active at the same time.

The GizmoPal 2 is a wearable smartwatch that parents can program to answer and receive calls from only approved numbers.

The watch also can send back messages and track how many steps your child makes throughout the day.

Most importantly, it can track their location via GPS through the cell-phone carrier of service you use. It's an additional $5 a month on top of your families wireless plan.

Brittanny Bastian with U.S. Cellular says home security systems are also a good way to keep track of your kids comings-and-goings.

"These actually give you the ability to check out your home from your phone. You can see when the kids return home from school, they actually have two-way communication so you can talk back and fourth and check in with them and remind them to do their chores their homework w/e the case may be," said Bastian.

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