B2S: What makes math intimidating?

A mathematical clock in Fleer's office.

Are you confident in your math skills? Math can be a scary subject for some...

KHQA spoke with a John Wood Community College math professor for some tips on how to make math less intimidating for students.

Bill Fleer has taught math in the Tri-States for several decades.

"It takes more work. It's not what you would call a necessarily easy subject," Fleer stated.

Today he teaches math 'refresher' courses at John Wood Community College.

Fleer says a common theme among students is that math is intimidating.

"Personal experience I've had is I could go to a literature class to relax after I've been to a graduate-level math class. You really have to stay focused," Fleer said.

Even some parents can be intimidated by their student's homework.

"Make sure your young people that you're raising are...that they spend the time on the math," Fleer said.

Fleer stresses that math doesn't have to be scary and can be an essential life skill.

"If you take it slow and a step at a time, you'll do fine," Fleer stated.

And if all else fails, communicate with your teacher.

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