Motivating students to prepare them for a new school year

QHS counselor Mindy Jackson suggests making daily lists to stay organized.

The days of staying up late and having little responsibility are coming to an end for students across the Tri-States.

KHQA spoke with a local guidance counselor about how to motivate your students to prepare them for school.

Mindy Jackson has been a school counselor at Quincy Senior High School for more than a decade.

As a counselor, Jackson said a large part of her job is to motivate students throughout the year and keep them on track.

She said it's never too early to use a planner.

"To use a planner and keep the planner updated," Jackson explained. "If you make a to-do list every day, and some days it might not get done, but make the to-do list every day and schedule specific times for tasks that must get done."

Jackson also suggests setting goals throughout the summer and not just during the school year.

"I think goal setting is very important," Jackson said. "Short-term goals and long-term goals. Some of the goals might be as simple as organizing your school supplies or purchasing them to start with and longer-term goals may be which career do you want to go to or which college do you want to attend for the job you want."

Jackson also recommends communicating with teachers and classmates to form strong relationships.

"It's very important to build those relationships with your teachers and classmates and other school staff," Jackson said.

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