Attempted escape unsuccessful in Marion County Jail

Three inmates in the Marion County Jail were unsuccessful in trying to escape last week.

Sheriff Jimmy Shinn says the U.S. Marshalls Office in St. Louis received information from the source about an attempted escape.

Sheriff Shinn took the Marshalls office on a tour of jail.

He says a piece of cardboard used to cover up an air vent was placed over the planned hole of escape.

Murder suspect Timothy Brokes committed suicide in the Marion County jail last month.

Another inmate who made a suicide attempt ended up dying later in the hospital.

"It is just the mentality of the individuals that we are dealing with today in this day in age. We are dealing with more violent offenders, more offenders that are looking at more time in prison and they are definitely willing to take a chance on if they can get out of here they will,” said Sheriff Shinn.

The last time an inmate escaped the jail was in 2008.

Sheriff Shinn says there's no threat to the community and that the office continues to review jail policies.

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