An Angel in Griggsville

Maddie's bear "Teddy"

It was a normal day for Mary Ann Harris who works at Casey's General Store in Griggsville, Illinois.

Until the local dog catcher caught an animal in the store parking lot.

"What we all thought was a brown paper sack laying in the parking lot was a stuffed brown bear," said Harris.

Instead of tossing the bear aside, Harris had a better idea.

"We sat him up in the window. We took a picture of him. We put a note on it that said please help me find my home. I'm lost. We started posting it on Facebook and just asking everybody to share," Harris recounted.

Why go through all the trouble?

"We knew the bear had to belong to somebody. Yeah. And being a grandma, it was worn. It belonged to somebody and we just had to find them," Harris said.

It was a team effort by the staff.

537 miles away in Buckley, Michigan, Aaron Snider had a hunch. He called the store.

"About an hour into the shift I get a call," said Assistant Manager Nick Hires.
"By any chance did anybody turn in a teddy bear and he said yeah actually someone did. And I kind of felt like my heart had dropped," said Snider, who is Maddie’s Father.

The bear belonged to 8-year-old Maddie Snider. Maddie's family was traveling home after a holiday trip and stopped at the Casey's in Griggsville.

The bear had found its home. Harris decided to take the incident one step further.

"So she could see that he was being very well taken care of," Harris explained.

She took pictures of the bear--who Maddie says is named Teddy--all throughout Griggsville and Pike County.

"Put it in a photo album and made a story to go with every picture and we sent it back. It made us all feel good," recalled Harris.
"I started crying I was so happy," said Maddie.
"We're just glad we found a home. It needed a home," expressed Harris.

Harris says there's nothing she would have done differently looking back.

"You know there's kindness everywhere you go," said Harris.
"Thank you Casey's and to everyone that helped. And a big thank you to you Mary Ann," Maddie exclaimed.
"When you find something you just know it belongs to somebody. Try to find a home for it. That's all," Harris reflected.

Maddie Snider has an angel in Griggsville.

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