Ameren releases smart technology in Macomb

Ameren IntelliRupter.JPG

Ameren Illinois announces new technology advancements for its Macomb customers.

Four IntelliRupters have been installed as a solution to help detect problem areas with the lines.

“It has a microprocessor and it talks back and forth to other IntelliRupters on the circuit and when it detects something it sends a pulse down the line and within seconds it can isolate the issue and let our dispatch know so we can start sending crews out," says Ameren spokesperson Brian Bretsch.

Each IntelliRupter weighs 1,000 pounds and cost $35,000 a piece.

This new smart system will benefit 4,500 Ameren users in the area. A spokesperson says Ameren Illinois plans to bring more to the Macomb area at a later date.

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