Ameren increase will affect some not all

Every month your bills are due.

However, there is one bill that will be higher starting Monday, June 1, 2015.

Your Ameren Illinois electric bill.

That bill is not going up because of Ameren but from where Ameren gets their power from.

The increase is a result of Midcontinental Independent System Operator(MISO), a capacity and transmissions operator for the area.

Matt Anderson is a Senior Account Executive with Anderson Consultants, and says the price of a megawatt day went from about $16.50 to $150.00.

"Ameren procures their power through the Illinois Commerce Commission by the Illinois Power Authority; they make no profit off of the cost of the power itself," M. Anderson said.

Anderson says Ameren helps deliver the power which means they have no power over the increase.

The increase will affect some residential customers known as DS1 and small commercial businesses known as DS2 in Quincy.

The President of Anderson Consultants, Inc. say there is another option.

"The option is a small commercial they can go ahead and actually receive an alternate supply source from various firms," Kent Anderson, the President of Anderson Consultants, Inc., said.

Residential customers can also get their energy from another source as well.

This increase has raised some concern across the state.

In a statement from MISO, an agency that procures power, it states the following:

â??The Illinois Attorney General and two other parties have filed complaints with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on the results of the auction. As a result, I am unable to discuss specifics related to the auction results. MISO is reviewing the complaints and will respond in the FERC proceeding. I will have to wait to discuss anything related until a federal proceeding.â?? Andy Schonert, of Corporate Communications for MISO, said.

Anderson Consultants, Inc. has a program that will give citizens an in-depth analysis of your energy usage.

The firm will give you a dedicated usage profile that will track how energy is used in your residence or business.

The firm is aligned with Ameren Illinoisâ?? â??Act on Energyâ?? program. Itâ??s an incentive program that will help you save money by becoming energy efficient.

Also, the city is in an aggregation program that was put in place in 2013. The program allowed Quincy and other municipalities to pool their resources to drive down the fixed price from another provider for a certain amount of time.

That fixed price will end February 2016.

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