All about school routines


The school year is now mostly underway and your morning routine is probably getting a little easier. But what about the afternoon routine? KHQA's Tegan Orpet shows you why your afternoon routine is just as important as your morning one.

Every kid is different, but for many they operate best on a schedule. So naturally as parents, we like to start those after school routines with our kids.

According to Justin Adams, Guidance Counselor at Liberty Junior High/High School, you need to start with 'when'.

"Designate a time of day, that way there is never a question what am I going to do today. It's I have to do my homework time."

Next Adams says it's about the 'why'.

Right after school is best so you don't get too distracted but also stresses if can be different for every kid.

"I get home from this time to this time. This is homework time. When I'll be working and if I don't have homework I can be reading a book or studying for a test.

Keeping your kids on task can be tough. If they don't feel like doing it, it can be a battle and you don't want to make homework a battle. It's okay to step back to take a ten minute break.

Adams also stresses the importance of keeping the lines of the communication open with your child's school and teachers. He says, remember, you're on the same team, with the same goal…making sure that student is successful

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