Midwest Academy parents notified to pick up their kids

State and local officials in Iowa continue to investigate Midwest Academy


Iowa's Department of Human Services notified parents to pick up their kids at Midwest Academy in Keokuk, Iowa Friday.

This is according to Iowa Department of Criminal Investigations special agent Richard Rahn.

He couldn't verify what time frame parents are allotted to pick-up their child.

Rahn says if you have any information regarding the investigation, you're asked to call 800-225-5324.


"Perhaps you thought about calling but you thought your information wasn't important enough, we want to hear from you," Supervisory Senior Resident Agent Gabriel Poling explained.

He said officials aren't playing any games when it comes to finding out the truth.

Midwest Academy is under surveillance after Thursday's investigation of alleged sexual abuse between a staff member and former student.

Iowa DCI special agent in charge, Richard Rahn, mentioned evidence was collected at the Academy and its school affiliate in Montrose, Iowa.

"Those items are going to be analyzed by experts to conclude our DCI criminalistics laboratory as well as our ICAC unit which is the internet crimes against children," Rahn pointed out.

Yet, the only people who really know what goes on at the academy are the ones who've been inside.

Former student Sean Foley was at Midwest Academy for over two years.

He mentioned not once did he hear of any sexual abuse allegations until now.

"My best guess here is that it's a group of students who are upset about being there and are trying to reach out any way possible to create static and disruption," Foley said.

Foley explained he turned out just fine after his stint at the school.

"Making good use of the tools that we were taught there at Midwest Academy," Foley explained.

However, things played out differently for Delila Brown's son.

She mentioned she pulled him out of Midwest Academy after he spoke in code about being sexually harassed and lived in awful conditions.

"There was a girl that was just thrown around," Brown said. "He's talking broken fingers, hips. She was limping. The way he described how she was thrown around was insane. I had to tell him to quit telling me details because it was making me sick".

No charges have been filed or arrests made at this time.

Officials say the investigations are still on-going at both locations.

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