Aerial yoga relaxes Tri-State residents

Thursday night's aerial yoga class at Elite Dance Studio in Quincy.

Are you having trouble sticking to your New Year's Resolution of being more active?

There's a unique activity to help you stay healthy this year and it takes place right here in the Tri-States.

The only catch is you have to weigh under 1,000 pounds and be over 4 feet tall.

"Aerial yoga is a form of yoga but we are suspended off the floor in parachute material," said Vicki Ebbing, Yoga Instructor at Elite Dance Studio in Quincy.

Ebbing says aerial yoga is much easier than regular yoga because the suspended cloth is used as a support.

"It lets you just get taller and stretch out a little bit more," Ebbing explained.

For more information on aerial yoga, visit Elite Dance Studio's Facebook page or text Vicki Ebbing at 217-257-9909.

Classes are filling up fast and cost $8/class or $50 for a 10-class punch card.

The first class is free.

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