Advice to help avoid scammers during tax refund season

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Some tax preparers promise a big return, but how do they know without having your information?

With tax season in full swing, the Better Business Bureau wants to warn consumers about poor service and questionable offers.

The Better Business Bureau received about 6,500 reports in 2016 from con artists claiming to be the IRS.

That's why the organization recommends doing your research before handing out your information.

Check for credentials before hiring someone to prepare your taxes.

If you're doing them online, the BBB says make sure the website you're using is safe, well known and secure.

"There are all kinds of sites out there that will help you file your tax return online. You want to be very careful and check them out, make sure that they are legitimate because you are going to uploading your confidential information. Not only your banking information if you owe, but you are also going to be inputting W-2 forms, your social security number in those and that's really what somebody needs to steal your identity,” said Mara Clingingsmith with the Better Business Bureau.

You're also advised to check the accessibility of your tax preparer - will he or she be available to reach after tax season?

Before you sign your name on that dotted line for your return, check it over for mistakes and ask questions to better understand.

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