Adams Fiber opens 3 more Fiberhoods in Quincy

adams fiber.JPG

Quincy residents in B3, D2, and D3 Fiberhoods can now pre-register for Adams Fiber services.

Residents are encouraged to check their address and sign up for service online at or by calling 217-214-3423.

The sign up process requires residents to pay a $25 pre-registration fee. Once the pre-registration goal is met, construction will begin. Residents who pre-register during the sign up phase can also Lock in their Price for Life on monthly Internet and phone costs.

Since 2014, Adams Fiber has built-out 48 Fiberhoods in Quincy and eight Fiberhoods in the surrounding areas of Barry, Bowen, Camp Point, Clayton, Fowler, Perry, Payson and Liberty. Construction in currently underway in Mt. Sterling.

Adams Fiber is a part of Adams Telephone Co-Operative based out of Golden, IL. They are celebrating over 65 years of serving our local communities with telephone, Internet and television services and are a certified gig-capable provider.

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