Adams County residents step off the scale to fight obesity

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Adams County tips the scale for the highest number of obese residents in the state of Illinois. Nearly 30 percent of the population is considered overweight. The Salvation Army's Kroc Center along with Quincy's Family YMCA, Quincy Medical Group and Blessing Hospital are coming together to try and overcome this statistic from 24/7 Wallstreet. The ACTION Program (Adams County Taking Initiative on Obesity Now) is hoping to overcome that statistic. Although it might seam easy enough for some to hit the gym on a regular basis, for others it can be difficult task.

You know the first step is making it to the gym," said Kroc gym member Jorge Flores.

For some, the gym might be a place where they feel judged.

People come in here afraid of looking silly and stuff like that, but we all started off somewhere. We are all here to help and I mean we are just looking for everyone to do better," said YMCA gym member Dalton Anderson.

For those that might have butterflies about hitting the gym, then the ACTION Program is for you.

It's not a weight loss competition. Really the goal is to get people to lead a healthier lifestyle. Give them the tools to get them started and then after the program has ended, continue on with that healthy lifestyle, said Kroc Center Fitness & Wellness Specialist Melissa Harris.

The ACTION Program is completely free. Participants will be able to choose between the Salvation Army's Kroc Center or the Quincy Family YMCA for their 10 week program. While the kick-off event starts August 25 at 10:00am at the Kroc Center, wishful participants can sign up through September 9 before starting the 10 week program on September 10. While some parts of the program might involve you working out at the gym, some can be done with no equipment at all.

Just start coming. It doesn't matter if you just start walking. If you start walking 10 minutes a day, it doesn't matter how you start. Everyone has to start somewhere. Just come in. The great part of being a part of something bigger at a gym is the community that you feel. You start to meet people and you want to come back because you enjoy the people so much," said Kroc gym member Gail Vires.

While under the ACTION Program, don't expect to get board.

Each week there is a new workout. Again, it is very basic. A lot of them don't require equipment at all. It's something families can do together," said Harris.

This program isn't just about effective workouts. You can also learn healthier eating habits.

It's a little more work, but nutrition is a huge part of staying in shape," said Anderson.

The coordinator of the ACTION Program hope to see you in their gym doors August 25.

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