Adams County Sheriff's Office warns of telephone scam

(MGN Online)

Another scam is circulating the Adams County area.

According to a press release from the Adams County Sheriff's Office, they have received numerous reports of citizens receiving phone calls from scammers advising that they are in some type of legal trouble and to get out of it they need to send prepaid money cards.

Do not give these callers any personal, bank or credit card information.

The ACSO will never ask someone over the phone to post bond or to pay a fine by purchasing prepaid money cards.

These scammers are tricky and may spoof the phone number to make it look like the call is local.

They may tell you you missed court, have an arrest warrant or a relative of yours has been arrested and needs money to get out of jail.

If you receive a call from someone trying to scam you, just hang up.

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