Adams County residents can now prepay their full property tax amount


The Adams County Treasurer's Office will accept real estate property tax prepayments now through December 31st of this year for taxes payable in 2019.

Prepayments will have a receipt date in 2018.

The treasurer's office will accept prepayments either in-person or by mail.

Here's what's new for taxpayers this year - you can now prepay taxes up to the full amount of last year's tax bill, rather than only up to the full dollar amount which is what was allowed before.

"This is just one that we do for convenience of the taxpayer," says Adams County Treasurer Bryden Cory.
"The rule has just slightly changed to keep up with the times in the way that people are paying electronically or with check as opposed to cash as they did in the past."

Cory says if you have any questions to contact the treasurer's office.

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