Adams County Board votes to recommend northern Adams County hog confinement

Adams County Board votes to recommend a northern Adams County hog confinement

County Line Swine wants to build a large-scale hog confinement about three miles east of Loraine.

Tuesday night's vote means Adams County Board members believe the proposed hog confinement meets state criteria.

Both supporters and opponents turned out to Tuesday's meeting surrounding the 5,000-head swine operation.

Eight speakers took part in the public comment period.

Two of those speakers were supporters, while six were against the proposal.

Adams County Board Chair Les Post says the county doesn't have a final say on whether the hog confinement is approved by Illinois' Department of Agriculture.

“The process is pretty much dictated by the Department of Ag issuing a permit but it puts the county boards in a very painful position where we have to make an advisory vote that really doesn't carry any weight,” said Post.

Board Member Bret Austin asked speakers if they agree with county-wide zoning.

“In these situations, I don't think zoning will help” explained Post. “Because the area would have been zoned agriculture and obviously the hog buildings are agriculture. I am not sure it would even override the state statue."

The board's recommendation will now be submitted to the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

It's expected to make a decision in the middle of November.

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