Adams County, IL: 17 arrested during warrant round up

Adams County, IL: 17 arrested during warrant round up. Top L to R: Fowler, Wright, Belden, Robohm, Guinn, Gooding, Gay. Bottom L to R: Reeves, Havermale, Scott, Mock, Connors, Kendrick and Knight.

On Tuesday, Adams County Sheriff's Office teamed up with the West Central IL Drug Task Force, Quincy Police Department, Illinois State Police, Meth Response Team, and the US Marshals for a warrant round up.

The agencies served recently issued indictments and additional active felony warrants.

A total of 17 individuals were arrested:

  • Timothy M. Belden, 40, Unlawful Possession Meth Precursors
  • Lindsey N. Gooding, 33, Unlawful Possession of Meth
  • William D. Guinn, 47, Unlawful Delivery of Meth
  • Shekana M. Leatherdale, 34, Unlawful Delivery Meth (not pictured)
  • Michael E. Gay, 37, Unlawful Possession of Meth
  • Dennis C. Scott, 59, Unlawful Delivery of Meth
  • Jorge D. Guzman, 22, Unlawful Possession w/ Intent to Deliver Controlled Substance (not pictured)
  • Bradley S. Havermale, 23, Drug Induced Homicide
  • Jessica L. Kendrick, 30, Unlawful Delivery Meth
  • Justin A. Knight, 34, Unlawful Possession Meth Precursors/ Meth Production
  • Hanna J. Mock, 24, Unlawful Possession Meth Precursors/Meth Production
  • Sean R. Wright, 30, Unlawful Participation Meth Production/Meth Waste
  • Sean C. Fowler, 26, Unlawful Possession of Meth
  • Jammie L. Conners, 32, Unlawful Possession of Meth
  • Steven H. Robohm, 41, Unlawful Possession Meth W/ Intent to Deliver
  • Christopher Prince, 32, Unlawful Possession of Meth W/ Intent to Deliver and Unlawful use of Weapon (not pictured)
  • Michelle L. Reeves, 41, Unlawful Possession of Meth
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