Adams Co. Health Dept: Book back-to-school dentist appointments now

Adams County Health Department (KHQA)

The Adams County Health Department is encouraging parents or guardians to get their children's dental check-ups booked sooner rather than later.

"Definitely make an appointment now. We do have could always call us everyday to see if we have openings," said Amanda Tenhouse, a dental assistant with Adams County Health Department.

For those with kids going into 2nd or 6th grade, a dental check up is required by the state of Illinois in order to start their school year.

"What it does is you bring your child in, we do an exam, we clean their teeth, check for cavities, that just helps with the school to keep the children on track," said Tenhouse.

A must for kids who don't always have the best brushing habits.

"There's a lot of candy, a lot of soda, Gatorade...anything like that has a lot of sugar and acid," said Tenhouse.

A 2016 survey released by the Urban Institute's Health Police Center shows dental care is the number one healthcare service that people with insurance skimp on because of cost.

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