Adams Co. Board votes against hog confinement

File photo.

The Adams County Board decided the fate of a large hog farm Tuesday night.

The confinement faced opposition from Columbus and Camp Point, Illinois residents at last month's Adams County Board Meeting.

Now the board has reached its decision.

The board unanimously decided Tuesday night that the Pike Pig Systems/Gin Ridge hog confinement did not meet all state criteria.

A confinement must meet eight requirements according to the Illinois Department of Agriculture.

The board decided that the plan only met six of the eight criteria after listening to the concerns of several residents.

"It's pretty hard for us to determine that they've met the criteria when we don't even know for sure what road they're using. And with the south/south west prevailing winds I feel that that highway 24 corridor and the Camp Point area is probably the most impacted by any odors that may come off the building," said Les Post, Board Chairman.

Now even though the board agreed that the confinement does not meet requirements, the Department of Agriculture has final say in the decision.

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