ACTION on Obesity: Final totals show hundreds of pounds lost

The ACTION grand finale was held at The Kroc Center Friday night.

The grand finale to the ACTION weight loss program was held at the Salvation Army Kroc Center in Quincy Friday night.

KHQA, The Quincy YMCA, and the Kroc Center, along with many other local organizations, teamed up to try to knock down Adams County from its top spot as the most obese county in Illinois.

Of the 221 people who finished the program, 500 pounds of body fat were lost and 180 pounds of muscle were gained.

Organizers say the action program wasn't a competition, but a way to promote a healthy lifestyle.

"This is really an educational thing, this isn't a weight loss competition, that's really not what we're about," Kroc Center Operations Director Chad Rodgers said. "It's really about getting the information out and educating the participants on what they can do to make healthier choices as individuals, as families, so that they can pass on that information to their children so we have a cycle of healthiness and nutrition that's going on with these families."

Organizers hope to continue this cycle next year.

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