A Long Running Tradition Continued Today in One State Park

The annual Maple Syrup Festival held it's 21st festival in the morning.

The program began initially as a Girl Scouts Program when a troop discovered a number of Sugar Maples.

The Friends of Argyle eventually took over and have been running the event ever since.

You can learn the entire process of making syrup, from tapping and collecting sap from the trees to boiling it down into the delicious topping.

A lot goes into making good syrup, but perhaps most importantly, is the weather according to the President of the Friends of Argyle, Beverly Baker.

The weather is extremely important, it has to be freezing at night and over freezing during the day and get warm enough, otherwise the sap doesn't run.-Beverly Baker

It takes forty gallons of sap to make just one single gallon of maple syrup!

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