7 ways to make flowers last longer

7 ways to make flowers last longer

Many have received flowers for Valentine's Day, or maybe you bought some for a significant other.

No matter the case, you want those beautiful flowers to stick around.

First you want to cut the leaves off the bottom of the stem so there are no leaves sitting in the water, but leave a few near the time.

Second you want to cut about an inch off the bottom of each stem at an angle.

"Angle is better because you increase the surface of the stem so that that the water comes up the stem even more," says Karen Wellman with Wellman Florist in Quincy.

Number three, fill the vase with room temperature water.

"When you come in from outside and inside of a cool and hot environment it changes the temperature of the flower internally and so you don't want to shock it," adds Wellman.

Fourth, add a packet of 'flower food' to the water.

"They give a little nourishment for the flowers to continue but they also have an antibacterial component to them so it keeps the bacteria down in the bouquet," Wellman explains.

Number five, if you don't have 'flower food' you can use a little vodka, lemon lime soda, or just add a little sugar to the water to keep the flowers perky.

"So it's just like when we go along and we get a slump in the middle of the day, we eat a little bit of sugar. It's the same type of effect," said Wellman.

Six, store them away to keep from fluctuating room temperatures.

"Keep them away from a draft of either the furnace or the door. That will make your flowers not last long as well," Wellman adds.

Number seven, add a penny dated before 1982 to the water.

The copper will help fight bacterial growth.

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