54 dogs rescued from Hancock County breeder

54 dogs rescued from Hancock County breeder

On Saturday night Animal Control Officer Mike Wright received a call, asking him to check out a Hancock County breeding facility.

"I drove over there as quick as I could. The conditions there wasn't great. I was told there was no power for three months. There wasn't enough bedding that I thought was adequate. They were exposed to a lot more elements then what they normally are," Wright explained.

The breeder decided to sign the dogs over to the county.

Wright called Anissa Sadeghi, Founder of West Hancock Canine Rescie.

"I said we need to get 54 dogs out of this facility in the morning," Wright told Sadeghi.
"He called back and said do you have crates enough for 40-50 dogs, It was like you bet, I got it," Sadeghi said.

Wright and Sadeghi started loading all the dogs into Mike's trailer.

Sadeghi took some time to inspect the dogs, making note of the condition they were in.

"Dogs with a lot of dental issues, the matted conditions of the coats, they also had mammary tumors, they are in pretty bad shape," explains Sadeghi.

Initially all 54 of those dogs were brought to the Hancock County Dog Pound where they were then sorted and sent out to various Humane Societies, Foster Homes, and Rescues.

"It makes you awe a little bit how many people truly are compassionate and willing to give their time, their gas, their mornings, their day ," Sadeghi said, thanking all the volunteers that helped her with these dogs.
"If you can save them that's the most important thing there is," Wright added.
"To be able to take a from that situation and be able to give them a life of a house dog, that's amazing," Sadeghi said.

Sadeghi says these dogs are not ready for adoption just yet, but If you would like to help get the dogs healthy you can donate here.

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