49th Annual Ag Mech Show becomes family tradition

49th AG Show at Western Illinois University (KHQA)

The 49th annual AG MECH Show started today inside of Western Hall on the campus of Western Illinois University.

Hundreds of vendors from all through out the country came out to Macomb to display their products on day one of the show. All of which are under the watchful eye of AG Mech Club President Amber Hoener. For the Hoener family, the show has become more of a family tradition of more than a decade as she is the fourth sibling to be president. She says carrying on the tradition has been some big shoes to fill.

"Being the last one in the family definitely has had some big shoes to fill because I grew up with it since 2008, I have came here every single year and I just see it grow more and more, so that meant I needed to try and make it grow more this year," says Amber Hoener.

For her father, Greg Hoener it has been rewarding to watch the position be passed down through the siblings, despite the sibling rivalry.

"They work together and they get along great, that's great. When Mike did it, I think it was just kind of well my brother did it, so now it's my turn and so on. When we got to Amber, it was a situation where even though she's in nursing, she's still got that AG background and that work ethic," says Greg Hoener.

The show wraps up tomorrow from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and there are things to do for all ages.

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