2017 Holiday Preview - What's hot this season

Holiday lists are being prepared and you may still be planning on what to make and buy for the festive seasons. Worry no more, we have you covered on what’s trending this season so you aren’t left on the naughty list.

Let’s start with food. Healthy snacks are becoming more and more popular according to Brad Niemann from County Market.

“The better for you type snack foods that people bring to parties and have people kind of snack on during the party that is a big thing where people can make their own trail mix of different bulk food stuff they can buy,” says Niemann.

But if you don’t like all things healthy, there is now a way to brighten up your table with an edible decorative arrangement.

“We have some really cool new cupcake bouquets this year that is kind of a center piece for your table,” says Niemann.

But for those who don’t have time this holiday season the gift of food, sausages and cheese still remains strong. If you’re looking to keep your food cool during the time of travel, Pink Yeti coolers are hot but not for long.

“The pink that they have come out with is actually a limited addition and will not be available after December,” said Ace Hardware manager Jared Christner.

Let’s move on to holiday lights!

“I think Christmas is one of those Holidays you tend to do the things your family did. It is a continuing of traditions is what it amounts to, you know it’s a family thing. If when you were a kid and your dad was out there hanging lights and cursing you know that’s what you do and that’s what’s great about it,” says Menards General Manager Sterling Freed.

Whether you’re a traditionalist or not, smart lights are this year’s number one trending decorative light!

“Obviously the big attraction is the light at shines on the house the ones that spin around and show all different things,” says Freed.

But, don’t forget safety first before transitioning your home into the north pole.

“Obviously don’t forget the accessories, timers, you don’t want these things running 24-7 you know so some type of timer is the best thing to do and safety,” says Freed.

Finally, what everyone’s been waiting for, TOYS!

The number one trending toy item for this year is, Interactives. Whether it is LOL surprise, Hatchaimals or Big Surprise, according to ShopKo manager Dan Buettner, they’re going to be hard to get.

“I can bring 150 units off a truck at five-o-clock today, nine-o-clock tomorrow morning my shelves will be empty,” says Buettner.

The Hatchimals, a trending toy from 2016 has carried over its popularity to 2017 now with double the trouble!

“This is a twin pack there is actually two birds in there and they’re twins. Now instead of interacting and teaching one to eat and speak you have a pair of twins to deal with,” says Buettner.

Buettner also says due to Universal Studios coming out with two must watch movies during the holiday season, anything movie related to toys will sell out!

“The Last Jed Eye breaks December 15th, I will be sold out of everything I have Star Wars,” says Buettner.

Tradition is still very strong with certain toys though.

“The Legos, the Nerf, the Hot Wheels the collectibles that kinds of stuff is going to be good. What we see going on with the boy side of the market right now is everything action hero,” says Buettner.

Buettner recommends ordering online and picking up later in the store. That a way you won’t miss out on what you’re looking for and wind up on this year’s naughty list.

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