10th Annual Disc Golf Tournament


The Tenth Annual Don Crane Disc Golf Tournament took place in Hannibal's Huckleberry Park on Saturday.

The objective of disc golf is to throw a disc into a basket.

Unlike golf, there are no balls or clubs but the rules are very similar.

The tournament is named in honor of Don Crane who made the sport popular in the area.

One of the reasons the sport has such a following is because it's low impact and anyone can play.

"The one thing that's great is that it's a low impact exercise, you're out walking, you're enjoying the park, you're twisting you're bending over, you're just doing little things, you don't even notice the exercise you get. It's one of the fastest growing sports, you know? And the great thing is, you buy a couple discs, or one disc, and it's free," said John Shaw, Disc Golf founder.

Sadly, Don Crane lost his battle with cancer.

A portion of all tournament proceeds will be donated towards cancer research in his memory.

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